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Worthington City Council hosting Truth in Taxation meeting on Monday night

As part of a lengthy agenda for tonight’s Worthington City Council meeting, council members will consider resolutions approving tax levies collectible in 2023.

The council adopted the city’s proposed 2023 tax levy of $6,646,866 – a figure that represents a 17% increase over 2022 – during its meeting on Sept. 12. Outgoing Mayor Mike Kuhle said during that meeting that the budget reflected inflationary pressures and contained “no fluff,” adding that a lot of work remained to be done in an attempt to trim the levy amount further.

A Truth in Taxation presentation will be part of tonight’s meeting, and the council will then opt whether to approve an adjusted final levy in the amount of $6,558.607. That figure represents a 15.44% increase over 2022.

The total tax levy includes a general purpose tax levy of $5,531,834 and special tax levies of $975,773. Also included is the Housing and Redevelopment Authority's proposed levy of $151,000, the same amount as pre-certified by council on Sept. 12 and a $6,000 increase over last year.

Also Monday, the council is scheduled to consider two items discussed at length during its Nov. 28 meeting. The city is considering a text amendment to city code that would change the time of regular meeting of the council from 7 to 5:30 p.m. The regular meetings will continue to be on the second and fourth Monday of each month. The first of three required readings of the proposed ordinance is scheduled.

Additionally, the first reading of a proposed text amendment for extra meeting compensation for the mayor and council members is scheduled. It’s proposed that the extra meeting compensation be changed from $50 per day to $100 per meeting.

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