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Winners announced in MnDOT's 'Name a Snowplow'

Yer a Blizzard, Harry and Blizzo join the state’s snowplow fleet as winners of the 2023 “Name a Snowplow” contest, along with six other popular names, the Minnesota of Transportation announced Wednesday.

More than 64,000 voters cast a ballot in the contest. One newly named snowplow will be assigned to each of MnDOT’s eight districts.

The winning names, in order of vote totals, and their future homes are:

· Yer a Blizzard, Harry – District 8 (Southwest Minnesota)

· Blizzo – Metro District (Twin Cities)

· Clearopathtra – District 1 (Northeast Minnesota)

· Better Call Salt – District 3 (Central Minnesota)

· Han Snowlo – District 7 (South Central Minnesota)

· Blader Tot Hotdish – District 2 (Northwest Minnesota)

· Scoop! There it is – District 6 (Southeast Minnesota)

· Sleetwood Mac – District 4 (West Central Minnesota)

Tallies for all 60 finalists can be found on MnDOT’s Name a Snowplow website. *

The agency invited people to submit creative ideas for snowplow names in December 2022. After receiving more than 10,400 name ideas, MnDOT staff narrowed the list to 60 finalists for the public to vote on. This is the third year that MnDOT has hosted the annual Name a Snowplow contest.

MnDOT now has 25 named snowplows statewide, including Plowy McPlowFace, Betty Whiteout, Duck Duck Orange Truck and The Big Leplowski.

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