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Weber, Republicans list legislative session priorities

Senate Republicans hosted a press conference Thursday to announce session priorities to get Minnesota on the Right Track. Republicans plan to focus on helping Minnesotans afford everyday life, reducing crime and empowering parents.

Said District 22 Sen. Bill Weber, Republican from Luverne: "Senate Republicans are focused on getting Minnesota back on track by making life affordable for Minnesotans, tackling crime and improving education. We focused on the issues important to you, not on how we can increase government spending. With a record surplus, we can return money to Minnesotans and undo the damage that COVID and inflation have caused. We can help businesses recover and get the economy moving so that families have the resources they need to prosper."

Senate Republicans are advancing a series of tax cuts targeted at working Minnesotans, families, and seniors to help them afford their everyday life. They also plan to quickly address what they see as an urgent need to increase Minnesota's police presence while providing additional tools and resources to fight crime and recruit and retain police officers. Republicans also intend to focus on education and getting schools back to the basics of meeting reading and math scores, and also have proposed increasing transparency and accountability in school, empowering parents and allowing them to be active partners in their child's education.

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