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Weber introduces legislation for Minnesota 23 work

The Minnesota Senate's Transportation Committee is considering a bill authored by District 22 Sen. Bill Weber, R- Luverne, that would provide $85 million for the design and reconstruction of Minnesota 23 between the cities of Pipestone and Russell.

"Highway 23 is the most heavily traveled highway in southwestern Minnesota and serves a corridor for multiple cities in our region," Weber said. "With so much heavy travel, the road has deteriorated quickly and requires repair. We need to make the proper improvements now for everyone's safety and to continue to promote commerce in our district. With the state's record surplus, there is no better time than now to act."

Luke Johnson, a Pipestone County commissioner, joined Weber to advocate for S.F. 3684, also citing safety and commerce concerns.

The $85 million in funding would be available for predesign, design, engineering and reconstruction of Marked Trunk Highway 23 from U.S. 75 in the city of Pipestone to 1.8 miles north of marked Trunk Highway 91 in Russell. If approved, the project could begin construction in 2026.

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