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Weber: Dems' tax bill 'a disappointment to most people'

District 21 Sen. Bill Weber, Minnesota Senate Committee Tax Lead, released a statement Wednesday on the Democrats’tax bill:

Said Weber, a Luverne Republican: "This tax bill is a disappointment to most people. Our surplus was built largely on income taxpayers, but they are receiving very little recognition or tax benefit from Democrats. With an $18 billion surplus, you would think Democrats could find more than a paltry $3 billion in tax cuts for limited populations, but the spending spree at the Capitol will prevent broad tax relief for most Minnesotans.

“Perhaps most disappointing is that many seniors will continue to be taxed on their Social Security. Increasing the threshold is appreciated, but the reality is most people agree that seniors shouldn’t be taxed for a benefit they already paid for. This unfairly pits one group of seniors against another when we should be coming together to give them the tax relief they deserve.”

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