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Weber aiming to improves Murray County roadway

District 22 Sen. Bill Weber has presented legislation appropriating money for flood mitigation and road widening on County State-Aid Highway 13 in Murray County.

Said Weber, a Republican from Luverne, in a press release: “As we’ve seen for years, this is a part of Highway 13 that regularly floods and has been named one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the entire county. It’s a high trafficked area, with residents and tourists alike, and as we saw in 2018, when the floods get real bad, people end up stuck in the water or stranded on Keely Island. It’s time to invest in improving the road and increasing safety for everyone who visits there.” The bill SF 3796 appropriates $4.2 million to Murray County for preliminary design, right-of-way acquisition, construction of flood mitigation systems, and road-widening between Trunk Highway 59 and the end of County State-Aid Highway 13 on Keely Island near Lake Shetek. Funding for the project also includes the construction of shared-use paths, raising dikes, and relocating water main and sanitary sewer infrastructure as necessary.

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