Walz announces vaccination schedule

MINNESOTA – Governor Tim Walz announced today that Minnesota plans to vaccinate 70 percent of seniors for COVID by the end of March before expanding eligibility to other population areas.

According to a chart released today, people aged 65 and older and pre-k through 12 grade educators and child-care workers will be vaccinated by early spring, followed by people with high-risk health conditions and targeted essential workers.

High-risk health conditions include sickle cell disease, Down Syndrome, those who are immunocompromised due to organ transplant, and people with chronic lung and heart conditions.

By late spring, people aged 45-64 with one or more high-risk medical conditions and people aged 16 to 44 with two or more high-risk conditions will start to be vaccinated, along with essential frontline workers such as agricultural, correctional, first responders, food retail, manufacturing, public transit and postal workers. People aged 50 or more in multi-generational housing will also be added.

As spring gives way to summer, added to the list will be people aged 16 or more with any underlying medical condition, those over 50, and other essential workers.

Underlying health conditions include COPD, cancer, chronic kidney disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and pregnancy.

The vaccine should be open to the general public sometime this summer, according to the chart.

As of Thursday, approximately 43 percent of Minnesotans aged 65 and older have been vaccinated.

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