Time to get creative, Minnesotans. Name that plow!

MINNESOTA - The Minnesota Department of Transportation is seeking creative, witty and fun names as part of a new effort to name eight snowplows in the agency’s fleet – one snowplow for each MnDOT district in the state.

Name ideas can be submitted on the MnDOT website at www.dot.state.mn.us/nameasnowplow. The submission form will be open until Friday, Jan. 22, 2021, and all Minnesotans are invited to participate. The link will also be shared on MnDOT's social media channels.

In February, MnDOT plans to share some of the best name ideas and invite the public to vote on their favorites. The eight names that get the most votes will then make their way onto a snowplow in each district.

As it turns out, Anoka County has been doing this for years. They take submitted names during the fair, according to a Twitter post. Some of AC’s fleet since ‘04: DarthBlader, Mr Fluffenshnowzer, Sn’ogre, Slush Slayer, Sno Problem, Blizzard Wizard, Plow Bunyan, Han Snowlo.

Scotland allows local plow teams to pick names, and has plows called For Your Ice Only and Spready Mercury, among others.

Get creative, come up with a fun name and submit it! Maybe idea will be chosen for a local district.

But just so you know, The Big LePLOWski has already been entered.

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