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Threat at Windom Middle School High School building results in evacuation

The Windom Middle School High School building was evacuated Monday morning following the district's receipt of a threat.

The Windom Area School District reported Monday morning that it was working with law enforcement officials to determine the credibility of the threat. Out of precaution, the MSHS building -- grades 5-12 -- were evacuated to the district's designated safe havens. The elementary building was not under threat, and students and staff remained in that building.

At approximately 10:40 a.m. Monday, the district indicated that students in grades 5-8 could be picked up by parents or guardians at the east doors of American Lutheran Church. Students in grades 9-12 could be picked up at the south doors of Windom Community Center, Elementary students, meanwhile, were in a soft lockdown at the school; parents and guardians were notified that they could pick up their children in the main office if they so desired.

The threat was cleared shortly before noon Monday, but students would still not be allowed in the building until Tuesday. Student vehicles at the MHSH could be retrieved after 1 p.m. Monday.

Additionally, the district opted to cancel afternoon pre-school on Monday as a precautionary measure.


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