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Summer food program returns to District 518

Worthington Independent School District 518 will once again have a summer food program.

The program is for youth ages 0–18, and it will serve food Monday through Friday from June 6 to Aug. 12. Youths can show up at various locations and simply get into the lunch line and get their food. They do not need to have a special lunch number, and no income guidelines are used.

The summer food program will return to having hot meals at the school locations, and the additional locations will have stay and eat meals. These meals are meant to eat at the location and are not meant to be taken home to eat later. Meals are designed to make sure that youths get nutritious meals they need.

Students attending summer school in District 518 will receive breakfast and lunch at the location of their classes. Youth in the neighborhoods of Prairie Elementary, Worthington Middle School, Worthington High School, and the Learning Center are welcome to come into the building and eat at the breakfast and lunch meal serving times during the June summer school.

Additional sites throughout Worthington will have lunch available for youths to eat Monday through Friday from June 6 to Aug. 12. Those locations include the Worthington Area YMCA, West Learning Center, Watland Park, Millard/Walker Park, and Grace Community Church. The Worthington Area YMCA will also have nutritious snacks each afternoon for those participating at the YMCA in the various activities.

Adults that might come with the youth to the summer food program sites are welcome to eat, if they wish. Cost for an adult meal this summer is $4.75. These meals are also intended to eat at the sites and not taken along home with you.

The only dates not having meals for the summer food program is July 1 and 4. For people who are traveling or participating in summer activities in other communities, the Free Meals for Kids App has the listings for all approved summer food sites in Minnesota. The same rules and guidelines apply, although the adult meal prices might be different.

The city of Worthington, Worthington Area YMCA, Grace Community Church and District 518 Schools are collaborating on the USDA program. For more information, contact the District 518 office.

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