Sports broadcasts for the week of November 16

11/16 Minnesota Vikings football @ Chicago Bears KWOA at 6:00pm

11/17 Under Center with Kirk Cousins KWOA at 6:00pm 11/17 Gopher Football Weekly with PJ Fleck KWOA at 7:00pm

11/17 Worthington Trojan Football Playoffs at Jackson County Central on KZTP at 6:45pm

11/18 X’s & O’s with Mike Zimmer KWOA at 6:30pm 11/19 Thursday Night Football: Arizona @ Seattle KWOA at 7:00pm 11/19 Worthington Trojan Volleyball @ Marshall KZTP at 7:15pm

11/20 Golden Gopher football vs Purdue KWOA at 4:30pm 11/21 Possible Trojan Playoff Football 11/21 NFL Insider KWOA at 3:00pm 11/21 Westwood One College Football: TBD KWOA at TBD

11/22 NFL Preview KWOA at 6:00am

11/22 Fantasy Football Forecast KWOA at 6:30am

11/22 Minnesota Vikings football vs Dallas Cowboys KWOA at 2:30pm

11/22 Sunday Night Football: Kansas City @ Las Vegas KWOA at 6:30pm

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