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Sheldon now connected to Lewis & Clark water

After close to 34 years in the making, water from the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System has started flowing to Sheldon.

Sheldon has 1.3 million gallons a day of reserved capacity from Lewis & Clark.  A ribbon cutting celebration is being planned for the spring. 


Sheldon Mayor Greg Geels said in a Tuesday press release: “Early in 2012, in my first term as a councilman for the City of Sheldon, we received word that a bill which contained $30 million of funding for rural water projects had been approved by Congress. This was terrific news since several years prior the council paid 100% of their cost share but delayed federal funds had put the project far behind schedule. I remember hoping at the time that I would have the satisfaction of seeing Sheldon being connected while serving on the council. 

"Nearly 12 years have passed since that time and today I am thrilled to see that this 'pipe dream' is becoming a 'pipe reality.' My thanks go out to the first city council that made the bold decision to join the organization, as well as the numerous local, state, and federal legislators that have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to make this a reality for the residents of Sheldon. Not only will this improve the quality of life for us, but it will also enhance the economic development of this community for many years to come.”


Sheldon is the 18th of Lewis & Clark’s 20 member cities and rural water systems to be connected.  It is anticipated that Madison, S.D. will be connected by mid-2024 and Sibley, Iowa in the spring/summer of 2025. 


“A heartfelt congratulations to our good friends and neighbors in Sheldon on finally being connected to the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System," said Murray Hulstein.  Murray is Lewis & Clark’s Chairman and Sioux Center’s Utilities Manager. "All good things are worth the wait and that is certainly true of the water that is now flowing to Sheldon. Sioux Center was connected in April 2023 and I know firsthand what a fabulous asset and blessing it has been for our community. The same will be true for Sheldon. 

"I applaud all of Sheldon’s elected leaders and staff who have played a role through the years in helping to make this dream a reality. It took a tremendous amount of vision, faith, determination and perseverance. Well done!”



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