Record high 56 COVID deaths reported by MDH Wednesday

MINNESOTA - A single-day record 56 COVID-19 deaths were reported by state authorities on Wednesday in Minnesota, bringing the death toll in the state to 2,754. Two of the reported deaths were of Nobles County residents aged 80 or more.

Another 4,900 newly diagnosed cases of the virus were also reported, including five each in Cottonwood, Rock and Jackson Counties, 13 in Murray County, 25 in Nobles County and 12 in Pipestone County.

Accelerated spread of the virus is reflected by the increase in the positivity rate of diagnostic testing from 5% one month ago to more than 12% now. More than 190,000 infections have been verified in Minnesota through testing, with many more people suffering unknown infections that produced mild or no symptoms.

COVID-19 patients now represent more than 25% of all 1,117 patients admitted to the state's 1,457 immediately available ICU beds. That rate has surged from only 15% a week ago. The state reports another 408 ICU beds could be readied within 72 hours if needed.

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