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Premium Iowa Pork taking next step with Windom facility

Premium Iowa Pork (PIP) announced Monday that it's set to start the remodel of the former HyLife pork plant in Windom after it has completed a comprehensive evaluation of its recently acquired facility.

Premium Iowa Pork acquired the Windom facility from HyLife on June 2. Since then, the company has been evaluating the space to determine how it will best complement its existing operations in the region.

PIP plans to move forward with Phase 2 of the project, which focuses on modernizing the facility through a series of design and operational upgrades to meet the company's future needs for the space. The team has begun to remove outdated equipment and infrastructure to assist in this process, bringing the plant one step closer to reopening as a new Premium Iowa Pork brand.

The company serves private-label, antibiotic-free pork to grocery stores across the country and has done so since 2005 – employing over 900 Iowans, Minnesotans and South Dakotans.

Once the space is completely upgraded, Premium Iowa Pork officials expect to make final determinations on plans for operation.

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