Nobles County Sheriff submits retirement papers

Updated: May 5

At Tuesday’s Nobles County Board meeting Sheriff Kent Wilkening has officially turned in retirement papers for June 30th. Wilkening cited his personal feelings of distrust and lack of support from the commissioners stemming from a notice published in the board agenda stating The Board wanted Wilkening to verify his address due to statute 351.02 of Minnesota. The concern was over the recent sale of Wilkening’s residence in rural Nobles County.

The statute, as provided in the County Board Agenda states in item 4 that if “the incumbent’s ceasing to be an inhabitant of the state, or, if the office is local, of the district, county or city for which the incumbent was elected, or appointed, or within the duties of the office are required to be discharged.”

The future of who will fill the role in an Interim basis is unknown. Wilkening’s term is until the end of 2022. Wilkening did pass along the recommendation of Sergeant Ryan Kruger to be appointed to fill out the term ending in 2022

Radio Works will have further details as information emerges.

Wilkening has served as Nobles County Sheriff since being elected to serve starting in 1998.

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