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Nobles County COVID count total again declines

There are currently 34 Nobles County residents with COVID-19 cases within the 10-day isolation period, according to data released Friday by the county's COVID-19 Joint Information Team.

"I am happy to say the total number of current cases has actually gone DOWN for the second report this week," Nobles County Emergency Management Director Tawn Hall said in a press release. "It has been many months since we have seen the numbers decrease as the week moves on. We are down nine cases in isolation from the report sent out on Wednesday. Typically we have seen the numbers go up as the state caught up."

Hall again reiterated that the count figure is not reflective of the total cases, as the home tests go unreported to the state.

"However, we are seeing many less employees being out," she said. "So that definitely supports the fact that cases are on the downward trend, even if tests are not being reported."

Nobles County infection counts as reported Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Health were 6,853 total confirmations – just eight more than the previous report – along with 6,761 cases that are past the 10-day isolation. There have been 58 COVID-related deaths reported in the county.

The 34 known, currently-infected residents fall into the following age ranges and are indicated along with the change from the previous report: birth-age 10, six (same); 11-15, two (same); 16-19, three (same); 20-25, four (down two); 26-50, 10 (down two); 51-64, six (down two); and ages 65 and older, three (down three).

Contact Nobles County Public Health at 295-5213 for more COVID-related information.

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