Nobles County approves local option half-cent sales tax

WORTHINGTON – The Nobles County Commissioners on Tuesday adopted a resolution to implement a half cent sales tax to be used for transportation projects.

The tax will start January 1, 2021, and sunset December 31, 2036.

Commissioner Justin Ahlers was the sole nay vote for the local option sales tax. He stated during the meeting that although there was little comment during public hearings regarding the tax, he did have people contact him. The message he got from them, he said, was that now is not the time to implement the tax.

The other commissioners stated bond interest was at a low, and things will just get more expensive as time goes by. The county is approximately 30 years behind on road work that be done regularly.

Commissioner Matt Widboom stated the only thing accomplished by waiting is for things to get more expensive.

“There’s never going to be a perfect day,” he said. “I refuse to let uncertainty and the unknown deter us.”

Commissioner Gene Metz stated succinctly, “If I can’t be optimistic enough to think we’ll be in a better place 2-3 years from now, we should all go home.”

The list of 13 transportation projects was approved as part of the resolution.

CSAH 4 from CSAH 5 to CSAH 21 $5 million estimated cost CSAH 6 from Rock County to TH 91 $2 million estimated cost CSAH 11 from CSAH 6 to TH 91 $2 million estimated cost CSAH 15 from CSAH 16 to North County Line $6.2 million estimated cost CSAH 13 from I-90 to CSAH 25 $8.2 million estimated cost CSAH 4 from TH 60 to CSAH 5 $6 million estimated cost CSAH 15 from CSAH 35 to CSAH 16 $9 million estimated cost CSAH 15 for Iowa Line to CSAH 35 $9 million estimated cost CSAH 16 from Rock County to Lismore $5.5 million estimated cost CSAH 16 from Lismore to TH 91 $0.5 million estimated cost CR 54 from CSAH 15 to CSAH 13 $4 million estimated cost CR 60 from CSAH 35 to CSAH 14 $3 million estimated cost CR 55 and park roads from Fury’s Island to CSAH 18 $3 million estimated cost

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