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Next phase of Oxford Street work on the way

Changes to the traffic control along Oxford Street will be modified for the next phase of construction, according to a press release from the engineering firm Short Elliott Hendrickson. It's expected that these changes will begin on Friday, July 21 and be in place for the start of Phase 2.

Phase 2 is expected to begin the week of July 24 and includes the reconstruction of the outside thru lane and sidewalks, remaining storm sewer and turf establishment. Traffic will be maintained on the inside lanes. Efforts will be made to accommodate vehicle traffic to businesses as practically as possible during construction operations.

Maximum vehicle width of 10 feet will be in place for construction. It's recommended that motorists utilize alternative routes for the duration of construction.

Concrete sawing will be taking place at night only during concrete paving operations. The contractor will be sawing joints in the sections of concrete that are paved that day. Sawing will be temporarily in front of businesses or homes.

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