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NCE conducts annual meeting, elects directors

Nobles Cooperative Electric (NCE) hosted its annual meeting on Tuesday, April 11. NCE Board President Ronald Schwartau welcomed the audience to the cooperative’s conference call annual meeting.

The business meeting included reports from Schwartau and Director Cindy Hokeness.

Attorney Chad Felstul from Pemberton Law P.L.L.P. announced the election results for District 4 Board of Directors, along with District 5 and District 7 of the Nominating Committee. Board Director Jerry Beckering from District 4 was re-elected to serve a three-year term. The nominating committee member candidates elected to serve a three-year term were Chad Schultz from District 5 and Matthew Funk from District 7.

In NCE’s 2023 election, 835 members cast their vote.

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