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Minnesota West announces nursing partnership

Minnesota West Community & Technical College has announced a new partnership with the Springfield Medical Center.

The college has been offering a nursing assistant class within the area for number of years, and community support from The Maples at St. John’s has provided students with a valuable clinical experience and application. The college will now be utilizing a large area of the basement level including a space for hands-on -- or lab -- learning, a classroom and office space.

This three-credit nursing assistant class is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in nursing homes and other health care facilities. Upon class completion, students will be able to perform tasks which are related to patient/resident care and supportive to nursing care.

Nursing assistant classes are offered in a hybrid formal allowing for students to learn online as well as on-site. The college will also now be able to offer Trained Medication Aide (TMA) classes starting Oct. 20.

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