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Man charged in vehicle-vs.-pedestrian fatal

A Kenneth man is facing charges following the Dec. 13 hit-and-run near Beaver Creek that claimed the life of a Luverne man.

Lucas John Strassburg, 36, was arrested Sunday following the Friday issuance of a warrant. He has been charged with felony criminal vehicular homicide.

The body of William John Krotzer, 76, was found in a ditch east of 141st Street and 60th Avenue following a 911 call to the Rock County Sheriff's Office at 12:10 p.m. Evidence later located at the scene included a plastic clip from a maroon-colored vehicle, a Z71 emblem and multiple pieces of vehicle debris. Law enforcement officers were also alerted to possible security footage taken at a property near the scene, and they also received reports from Luverne residents who stated they saw a maroon pickup at the intersection of U.S. 75 and 141st Street shortly after noon that day.

The suspected vehicle was later found Dec. 16 at a Sioux Falls gas station and towed to Luverne. Two days later, law enforcement interviewed the vehicle's owner, who said his employee – Strassburg – had driven the car to a work site on Dec. 13 and that it hadn't been seen since.

Strassburg faces up to 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine or both. 

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