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Lewis & Clark getting record funding for fiscal year 2022

Bureau of Reclamation officials notified the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C) Thursday that it will be receiving $75.5 million in FY22 from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

“This is a record-setting amount of funding for Lewis & Clark and will allow us to move forward with a record amount of construction this year,” said Executive Director Troy Larson.

The BIL includes $1 billion for seven authorized rural water projects. Reclamation is allocating $420 million in FY22. The remaining $580 million will be allocated over the next four years based on the construction capabilities of the seven projects. Lewis & Clark will be eligible to receive additional BIL funding again next year.

Funding from the BIL, as well as the $21.914 million recently approved in the FY22 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, will allow Lewis & Clark to award contracts for the remaining 32 miles of pipeline for the Madison service line, the 17 miles of pipeline between Hull and Sheldon, meter buildings at Sheldon and Sibley, a pump station near Hull, a ground storage reservoir near Madison and adding more lime drying beds at the water treatment plant, as well as designing the Sibley service line and acquiring easements.

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