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Kuhle, Hamilton earn awards from Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities

Worthington Mayor Mike Kuhle has received the Jack Murray Award for Distinguished Rural Leadership from the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.

Kuhle was presented with the award Thursday during a CGMC conference in Red Wing. The award is given to city officials who demonstrate knowledge, leadership and active participation in CGMC program areas over their public service career.

The award is named for Jack Murray, former mayor of International Falls, who was instrumental in the CGMC’s formation.

Over the last several years, Kuhle has served on the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities board of directors. He has also volunteered for special committees and assignments related to such issues such as local government aid, state investment in water and wastewater infrastructure projects, and economic development initiatives.

Kuhle has been Worthington’s mayor since January 2015 and before that served on the Worthington City Council. He announced earlier this year that he doesn’t plan to seek re-election as mayor in November.

Also Thursday, the coalition presented District 22B Rep. Rod Hamilton with the Minnesota Legacy Award. The award is given upon retirement to legislators who had a particularly positive impact on Greater Minnesota cities during their legislative careers.

The CGMC indicated in a press release that during his nine terms as a state legislator, Hamilton played an important role in passing legislation that improved highways, drinking water and childcare. Hamilton, a Republican from Mountain Lake, also worked to build support for and advance the coalition’s economic development proposals.

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