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JBS USA creates new sanitation company

JBS USA has announced the creation of JBS Sanitation, a full-service food safety and food plant sanitation company that will provide in-house sanitation services for JBS USA and Pilgrim's facilities.

According to a company press release, JBS USA will immediately begin the transition of 10 of its facilities to JBS Sanitation, with the expectation of moving more facilities to the new company should third-party service providers be unable to meet JBS USA's audit and compliance standards.

A federal investigation found that subcontractor Packer’s Sanitation Services Inc. reportedly employed over 100 children illegally, with 22 minors found working at Worthington's JBS plant.

PSSI, a Wisconsin-based company that provided cleaning services to meat and poultry producers including JBS USA and Tyson Food Inc., paid more than $1.5 million in penalties as a result of the case.

JBS announced in December that it was ending its contract with PSSI at numerous facilities following the investigation, including the locations cited in the Department of Labor’s complaint. Those locations include Worthington, Grand Island, Nebraska, and Greeley, Colorado.

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