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JBS hits Homestrong Strong donation milestone

JBS USA today announced it has reached a milestone of $100 million being committed to the company’s Hometown Strong initiative, one of the largest rural community investment programs of its kind.

Under this milestone, Minnesota will receive an additional $1.5 million to be divided between Worthington and Pipestone. Worthington will receive $1 million, while Pipestone will receive $500,000.

Since the program was launched in May 2020, JBS USA has worked with community leaders and local officials to identify meaningful investments to strengthen local communities where the company operates. JBS USA announced in July 2020 plans to donate $3.5 million to help Worthington, Pipestone and Cold Spring respond to needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and invest in those communities' futures.

Hometown Strong started with a $50 million commitment in response to the global pandemic. So far, over $43 million of that has been invested in more than 200 projects in 42 local communities across 25 U.S. states and Alberta, Canada. Since that initial announcement, the company has also made $10 million worth of in-kind donations of meat and poultry products to food banks and others in need around the country.

In June 2021, JBS USA announced an additional $20 million investment in the U.S. and Canada to support affordable housing projects, in partnership with local leaders and businesses. This includes building new homes, establishing revolving funds to stimulate ongoing housing construction, and ultimately helping the company’s team members achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Now, the company has committed another $20 million to support Hometown Strong projects nationally – bringing its total commitment to $100 million.

“The JBS USA Hometown Strong program demonstrates our commitment to improving our communities in a lasting way,” said Tim Schellpeper, JBS USA CEO, in a press release. “From education and recreation to healthcare and social services, we have been partnering with our local communities to invest in a variety of projects – all with the goal of strengthening the places where our team members live and work.”

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