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It's Ruby over Paycheck at Cuero's Turkeyfest

Ruby Begonia rolled to a turkey racing victory over Paycheck in Saturday's second leg of the Great Gobbler Gallop, as Cuero's bird clinched the Traveling Turkey Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph on its Texas turf.

Ruby had come in with a 5.3-second edge on Worthington's Paycheck after narrowly winning on King Turkey Day last month. Five seconds of that deficit had come as a result of a touching penalty on Paycheck's handlers, as they placed their competitor back on course.

On Saturday, though, Paycheck spent more time in the crowd along Cuero's Esplanade Avenue than on the race course, and Ruby's rout was on.

This year's King Turkey Day in Worthington and Turkeyfest in Cuero marked 50 years of friendly turkey racing competition between the two communities. Along with several Worthington residents, the Spirit of Worthington Trojan Marching Band made the trip to Texas, with the high school band performing at multiple events including Saturday's parade.

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