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Iowa Great Lakes among top five bodies of water in state for intoxication arrests in 2020

Statistics from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources rank the Iowa Great Lakes among the top five bodies of water in the state for arrests for boating while intoxicated in 2020. The Iowa Great Lakes were ranked fourth out of the top five, with Lake Rathbun ranked number one. The Mississippi River was 2nd; the Coralville Reservoir was 3rd and Saylorville Lake was ranked 5th.

DNR officials expect to see an increased number of BWI arrests this coming weekend, with the hot temperatures that are expected. Susan Stocker, boating law administrator, says so far this year there have been 13 BWI arrests reported by the DNR.

Iowa's boating while intoxicated blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent was aligned with that of motor vehicles in 2011.

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