I90/TH 60 Round A Bout update

Here is a quick update concerning the I90 / TH 60 Round A Bout.

Yesterday’s rain set us back a day or more, but MN DOT and Hoffman Concrete want to get traffic flowing on TH 60 for the 3 day week end to better serve the traveling public and the businesses located there.

Today we have a contractors placing topsoil, seeding, installing erosion blanket and preforming final clean up on the inner circle of the Round A Bout .

During that time , the signing contractor will begin to remove some of the conflicting detour signs in various areas where it does not impose a safety factor to those working in the Round A Bout. Once all of the work is completed in the Round A Bout , the barricades and barrels directing traffic to the detour routes will be removed and traffic will flow as normal for the memorial weekend.

Because of the rain delay this will only provide us with a “soft “ opening of the detour . The remaining detour signage removal will be completed next Tuesday and the new signage for phase two detour will be installed Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Upon completed of phase two detour signage , the Oxford Street Round A Bout will be shut down completely for reconstruction.

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