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Homewood Hills project on agenda for special meeting

One of two items on the agenda for a special meeting of the Worthington City Council scheduled for 4 p.m. Wednesday is consideration of assessment options for a Homewood Hills paving project.

A memorandum include in the packet for Wednesday's special meeting explains that last October, the council hosted a public hearing to consider adoption of Paving Assessment No. 118. After hearing many concerns from the residents of the neighborhood, the council directed city staff to follow up with the residents of Homewood Hills and identify all available options. Staff subsequently spoke with many residents and received a comprehensive list of items that residents felt are inadequate.

The project was initiated in 2019 and completed in 2020, with assessments planned to begin in 2024. To date, the city has paid $1,185,000 in bond principal and interest with no assessments currently being collected. The total project cost, including engineering, administration and construction expenses, amounts to $3,079,535.03.

The current assessment stands at $804,008.39. A deduction of approximately 1%, totaling $23,667.60, has already been made from the total project construction cost. This deduction accounts for liquidated damages and addresses the issue of excessive roughness on part of the road surface.

City staff has identified three potential options for this project. They include a 5% deduction from the total assessment; proceeding with the assessment and the city's allocation of funds for repairs, which could begin in 2024; and partial deduction of the total assessment as well as city-funded repairs.

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