Here fishy, fishy! Ocheda Lake open to liberalized rules

MINNESOTA - A lake rehabilitation project drawing down water levels on Ocheda Lake in Nobles County has prompted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to open the lake to liberalized fishing. The liberalized rules took effect Sept. 15 and will be in place through Feb. 28.

Minnesota residents with a fishing license may take for their personal use all species of fish in any quantity and in any manner except with the use of seines, hoopnets, fyke nets or explosives. Rough fish such as bullheads, carp, suckers and buffalo fish may be sold.

Anglers must obey all private property trespassing laws. Also, it is against the law to discard fish on shore or on lake ice.

For the latest information on lakes that are open to liberalized fishing in the Windom fisheries management area, contact the Windom DNR Fisheries Office at 507-832-6020. For a statewide listing, go to the DNR Web site at

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