George Floyd Square set to reopen soon

A public works team in Minneapolis is currently at the scene of George Floyd Square, which is being cleared to reopen to traffic. Workers arrived in the early daylight hours to reopen the intersection at 38th and Chicago, which has been closed to traffic since George Floyd's killing by police on Memorial Day 2020, serving as a memorial and community space since then. But there have also been complaints from local residents about crime and violence at the site, and city leaders said earlier this year that the intention was to reopen the square to traffic while maintaining a memorial to Floyd. Bobcats and a front-end loader are being used by workers to remove the barricades that have blocked traffic for the past 12 months, with support being provided by the Agape Movement, which has been providing security at the site and describes itself as "bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement."

It appears as though the fist sculpture in the center of the intersection will stay, with signage being erected to created a roundabout around it.

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