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Fogelman's bill would give boost to roads, bridges

District 21B Rep. Marj Fogelman (R-Fulda) is chief-authoring legislation this session that she says will help Greater Minnesota communities with their road and bridge needs over the next two years.

Said Fogelman in a press release: “One of the main jobs of government is to take care of our roads and bridges. While the main highways and the largest cities often get the most attention from the state, it’s also important to ensure that our smaller cities are able to repair their streets as well.”

Fogelman’s bill would appropriate $20 million in each of the next two years to continue the popular Small Cities Assistance Program, which provides a revenue stream for towns with populations under 5,000 residents to make street repairs.

Fogelman added that with a nearly $18 billion state budget surplus, the state should easily be able to ensure towns throughout Minnesota have a source of funding available for road and bridge repairs.

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