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Ellsworth hoping for action to remove aggressive hawk

The city of Ellsworth is encouraging people to gather facts and photos in an attempt to remove an aggressive hawk from the community.

A post to the city's Facebook page late Friday afternoon reported that there have been several complaints of a hawk centrally located within the city -- on Walnut Street -- that has attacked and drawn blood to several people.

The post notes that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and state laws make it illegal to kill, capture, possess, harass, or harm any bird of prey, adding that it's also illegal to hunt, harm, harass or possess any hawk, eagle, owl, falcon, or vulture.

Hawks have been protected in the United States under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act since 1918.Violations are punishable by fines, jail sentences, confiscation of possessions, and revocation of licenses.

Because this is a federally protected bird, people are asked to please take a photo of their wound if they have been attacked and the bird has drawn blood, note the date, and send this via email to

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