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District 518 headed back to school on Wednesday

District 518 students and staff will return to school buildings on Wednesday, the district announced Monday afternoon.

An email from District 518 Communications Coordinator Anne Foley stated:

"As we are seeing an increase in positive COVID cases and other illnesses within our District 518, effective immediately on Monday, January 10, 2022, all students and staff will be required to wear appropriate face covering when inside all school facilities. This masking requirement also includes activities and night-time events in all facilities.

"In person classes will resume on Wednesday, January 12 for the remainder of the school week.

"The current plan for make-up days are as follows: Monday, February 21 – instructional day (President’s Day); Monday, April 18 – instructional day (Spring Break Monday); and Wednesday, June 1 will be a teacher workday.

"The district will continue to monitor the illness levels in our school district and will reevaluate the requirement of masking in the next 10 – 14 school days.

"It is the continued goal of District 518 to keep staff and students safe and healthy, we believe that in person learning is the best method for our students to learn. To achieve this, we believe wearing a mask is the best option at this time. Thank you for your efforts in helping to keep our school and communities safe."

Individuals with additional questions are urged to contact their building administrator.

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