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County getting new emergency management system

The Nobles County Sheriff's Department is planning to switch from the Everbridge Emergency alert system to a new emergency management system known as OnSolve CodeRed System.

The CodeRed system is a cloud-based software system that has been in use since 1998 and will allow governmental agencies the ability to deliver millions of messages to citizens around the region.

CodeRed is already in use with more than 10,000 counties and cities, 250 utility agencies and more than 50 federal agencies. CodeRed is also used with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Amber Alerts.

In Nobles County, the new CodeRed system will offer greater flexibility in sending messages and translation of the messages into multiple languages, and will also be easier to use.

CodeRed will be able to send messages to most communication devices including mobile phones, tablet devices and laptops via email messages, text messages, social media and on the special CodeRed app. CodeRed can send many different messages, including weather-related messages, road closures, chemical spills, police activity, lockdown messages and evacuation notices.

The new system will allow the messages to be targeted to specific audiences, such as employees or people who live in a certain area. Users may set up their own radius to receive messages ranging from one to 25 miles away.

To receive CodeRed messages, you'll need to sign up to receive them. As the system gets closer to implementation, the sheriff's department will release information on social media and will consider sending out a Nixle message so you may sign up.

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