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Council to consider guidelines for new positions

The Worthington City Council on Monday night will consider approval of guidelines for two new city positions.

The city's Cross-Cultural Advisory Committee (CCAC) recently received a Rural Leadership Boost Grant from the Blandin Foundation to support local vision and spur dreamers and doers who move rural places forward. The purpose of the CCAC grant is to create a pipeline of community members to city roles and elected positions that are more representative of Worthington's diverse population.

The Blandin Foundation approved a grant in the amount of $50,000.00. The budget includes: $9,600.00 paying CCAC members $100 for attendance at monthly meetings for a period of up to one year; $36,000.00 for two intern positions in flexible part-time positions, and $4,400.00 for educational opportunities including interpretation/translation. The interns will be employees of the City of Worthington and under the supervision of the city administrator or designee.

The council will also consider guidelines for a new community relations and communications position. The council approved the position and budgeted for it beginning during the second quarter of 2023.

A summary of the position includes, in part: "This position engages and communicates accurate and relevant information to residents, businesses and media outlets in an inclusive and thoughtful manner across multiple communication platforms including social media, internet, print, video, radio and community-based information/education programs." The position has a salary grade of Non-Exempt 6 (N-6) in accordance with the City's Compensation Administration Guidelines. The N-6 salary grade has a minimum hourly wage of $24.61.

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