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Council meeting time, extra meeting time on agenda

Among the items on Monday’s Worthington City Council meeting agenda are consideration of the city council meeting time and an adjustment to city council extra meeting pay.

City code currently states that regular meetings of the council shall be held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the council chamber of city hall. Council members have requested discussion and consideration of changing the starting time of regular meetings.

If council members move to change the meeting time, city staff will work to modify the relevant ordinance in city code, and the council will then need to approve three readings of that ordinance during meetings. The new language will also need to be published on two occasions.

With regard to extra meeting pay, city code currently states that the mayor and council members receive $50 per day for extra meeting compensation. Council members have requested discussion and consideration of changing this.

As with the case with the meeting time ordinance, three readings of the new policy language would need to be approved by council members, as well as publication on two occasions.

Also Monday, council members will again consider renewal of the Nobles Home Initiative program that was originally adopted in May 2014 by the city, Nobles County and Worthington Independent School District 518.

The council previously discussed the program’s renewal during its Nov. 14 meeting, but concerns were raised regarding the stipulation that the abatement amount shall remain the same as the initial full year throughout the eligible term rather than annual adjustments based on the actual captured tax capacity.

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