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Council approves 10.64% increase in property tax levy

The Worthington City Council on Monday approved a final levy total that represents a 10.64% increase over 2023.


The final property tax levy amount will be $7,256,629. This includes a general purpose tax levy of $6,219,484 and special tax levies of $1,037,145. Worthington City Administrator Steve Robinson noted that salaries and benefits account for 12 percent of the levy increase; the amount designated for the city’s improvement construction fund has also been increased by more than 100% to slightly more than $800,000, he said.


The Housing and Redevelopment Authority levy of $186,000 – the same as last year – was also approved.


Council members also supported the Third and Fourth Avenue street reconstruction improvement project as proposed in a project feasibility report and a public hearing Monday, and they passed a resolution ordering Improvement and preparation of plans and specificatations.

Travis Winter of the engineering film of Bolton & Menk detailed an overview of the project, adding that Third Avenue work is currently planned for the 2024 construction season and Fourth Avenue work for the 2025 construction season. An assessment hearing would subsequently take place in October 2025. The estimated cost of the work is a little more than $4.7 million, with the city share $3.8 million.


Also approved was the third and final reading required for an ordinance relating to storm water utility rates. The initial reading took place during the Nov. 13 meeting, and the rates will increase by 10%.

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