City of Worthington hears CARES Act results

WORTHINGTON – In the months after receiving over $1 million in CARES Act Funding, the City of Worthington took action that delivered almost $440,000 into the hands of local small business owners and almost $100,000 to local nursing homes.

The Worthington City Council on Monday got the final rundown on how the federal CARES Act funding it received was dispersed, with $22,500 returned to the county by the end of the allotted time period.

According to the breakdown provided to the council, almost $75,000 was spent on personnel and services that were diverted from normal activity to focus on COVID. Approximately $201,000 was spent to improve telework capabilities of public employees, and just under $20,000 was spent on personal protective equipment. Just over $94,000 was spent on public health expenses, and another $22,000 on food programs. $19,400 was spent on COVID testing and contract tracing.

The council also approved a $1,000 donation to the Worthington Police Department from Tricia and Joel Mikle. The Mikles encouraged the WPD to use the funds in the enhancement of officer safety, so the funds will be used to purchase a patrol shield to be stored in a primary patrol vehicle. The shield will be available to officers during high-risk incidents with limited cover, and will aid in keeping the public and officers safe.

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