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Building's potential demolition on Jasper city agenda

The potential demolition of the Stonewall Bar building in Jasper will be on the Jasper City Council agenda at its 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 21 meeting.

According to a press release from Reclaim Community in Jasper, the Stonewall Bar building was assessed by engineers in June following a facade collapse in May. The building has been deemed safe for the bar to continue operating. Reclaim Community calls the building's issues cosmetic and in needs of improvement before they become a bigger issue.

Reclaim Community added that there are three interested parties who have expressed interest in buying and fixing the building, but added that the city of Jasper has only decided to put forward a demolition option thus far. The building is fully repairable, Reclaim Community also noted, and is eligible for the National Register and all the grants the organization has already received for the community's Bauman Hall building.

Multiple preservation contracting firms have also confirmed the building is worthy and able to be preserved, Reclaim Community added in its press release.

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