WPD is crafting a body camera policy

WORTHINGTON - The Worthington Police Department is working on a policy for a body camera program. Police Chief Troy Appel on Monday approached the Worthington City Council looking for comment on a draft policy comprised in part of policies from other departments and the League of Minnesota Cities.

Appel said the goal would be to have a camera for every patrol officer including sergeants, and hopefully for detectives. The cameras would not be on 100 percent of the time, he said, because it would cause such a huge data storage issue. The policy is being set up so that all police-citizen encounters are captured.

Policy also states that cameras must be checked before a shift to assure each one is in working order. The body camera program will be audited biannually, Appel said.

The draft policy is on the Worthington Police Department website, and Appel said he welcomes public comment. They hope to have the program in place before summer.

During the meeting, Appel also got approval to accept donations received for the Blue in the Schools program - $500 from Marv and Janine Spomer, and $1,000 from Re/Max.

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