Worthington man charged in holiday burglary

WORTHINGTON - Bail was set Wednesday at $30,000 with conditions for a Worthington man who allegedly broke into Sterling Drug over the Christmas holiday.

Virgilio Cerda, age 22, is charged with second-degree burglary, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, fourth-degree property damage and theft.

The criminal complaint states authorities were alerted to a burglary alarm and a broken window at 12:22 a.m. on Christmas morning. When an officer arrived, he found the drive-thru window of the store broken and saw a man inside wearing a ski mask. The officer told the man to come out through the window or a K-9 would be let loose.

The man, identified as Cerda, was taken into custody without incident. On his person, the officer found a significant amount of money. Cerda told the officer, "They said they'd kill me if I don't give them their money." Cerda did not say who "they" were, even after being asked.

When a keyholder from the store was contacted, a bottle of codeine cough syrup was located by the window, which the keyholder said was out of place. During an interview at the Prairie Justice Center later, Cerda allegedly told authorities he broke into the drug store because he wanted to kill himself and was looking for codeine to drink.

When he was asked if he had broken into The Stag Clothiers before going to Sterling, he denied it, and said the money found was his. According to the complaint, The Stag had been broken into that same evening, the amount of money found on Cerda was approximately the same amount missing from the store's cash register.

Cerda is scheduled to make his next court appearance January 8. He is currently in custody at the Nobles County Jail.

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