ALL local school referendums pass: Worthington, Adrian, Ellsworth, JCC and MCC

WORTHINGTON - The results are in. On the sixth try, with three questions on the ISD District 518 ballot this time around, all of them have passed.

Question 1 asked  for authority to bond up to $26.7 million for a new intermediate school for 600 5th and 6th grade students.  The measure passed by 136 votes, with 1,780 yes and 1,644 no.

Question 2 asked voters to approve an additional $7 million so the new building could also house the 3rd grade. In a much more narrow margin, this measure passed by 19 votes, with 1,719 yes and 1,700 no.

Question 3 was in regard to refinancing the $14 million in 2017A bonds, making them eligible for the Minnesota State Ag2School tax credit. Just 98 votes allows this measure to pass, with 1,760 yes and 1,662 no

The previous referendum was defeated by only 17 votes.

A statement from the District 518 School Board thanked voters.

"The approval of this referendum will set up our district and community for success and prosperity as students and staff are able to teach and learn in the spaces they deserve and our agricultural community is able to utilize a tax credit set in place by the state to offset the financial burden laid upon them. It was through community feedback and suggestions that this plan was decided upon by the school board. District 518 would like to extend a special thank you to all those who offered thoughts and ideas throughout the process of arriving at a community supported solution."

The board said it has worked to provide excellence in education for all students in the district and the passage of these three referendum ballot items will afford the school board the funds needed to address the needs that are present in the district now, and some of the needs that will likely present themselves in the future.

Both questions on the ballot of Adrian's District 511 also passed, with votes coming in 324 in favor and 63 against referendum revenue authorization of $379.26 per pupil. The second question asked for voters to support an additional $483 per pupil, with 276 yes and 106 no votes.

In Ellsworth, the one question on the ballot also passed, with a total of 199 voters 165 yes and 34 no votes in regard to revoking the existing referendum revenue authorization of $1,121 to replace it with $1,779.50 per pupil.

At Murray County Central, the referendum also passed - unofficial results of the referendum election: 409 yes, 41 no. The question asked to renew the district’s current referendum revenue authorization of $625.69.

For Jackson County Central, a referendum  authorizing $35.4 million for a new grades 6-8 middle school, along with upgrades to existing facilities also passed by 61 percent.

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