Winterfest Clue #3

WORTHINGTON - Here we are on day 3 of the Winterfest 2020 Medallion Hunt. Get out there are find that medallion, turn it in to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and claim your $100 in Chamber Checks!

Here's Clue #3:
Life's a Beach and this city has many.
Places to find the medallion are plenty!
A shoreline adventure where there's lots of fun,
Keep solving the clues until we're all done.

Also, don't forget to keep looking for the Snowman Hunt rocks, and when you find when, bring it to the Beach Party at the Worthington Event Center  on Saturday for your chance to win a community prize basket.

Clue #2
The theme is Beach Party, but it's not beach season,
This fun treasure hunt gives us a good reason
To play in the snow that we sink to our knees in.
We still play outside, although things are freezin'.

Clue #1
It's Winterfest time, with plenty of fun,
Outside playtime to please everyone!
A medallion is hiding somewhere in town,
Follow the clues and then hunt it down!

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