The KTD medallion was found early in the hunt by Lucas and Kate Flynn

WORTHINGTON - They used some clue solving and got a little help from the weather, but two Worthington kids, with help from their mom, found the King Turkey Day medallion Monday evening while doing a bit of searching near the Ludlow Amphitheater.

Lucas and Kate Flynn, ages 8 and 5 respectively, found the medallion lying under a bench on a walking path near the Ludlow Amphitheater. It had been taped to the underside of the bench, but the wet weather caused the tape to let go.

When they found the medallion, it was bundled up in more tape, so mom Heather picked up what she thought was a piece of garbage, planning to throw it away. Lucas said they turned the wet bundle over and saw the medallion.

Lucas and Kate each earned $50 in Chamber Checks, but they are not yet sure what they will do with their earnings.

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