Technical glitches mean splash pad will likely not be ready for the Fourth

WORTHINGTON - Due to some technical issues, the new splash pad will likely not be available for use for the 4th of July, according to Worthington Public Works Director Todd Wietzema.

Initial testing last week looked good, but then it was discovered the holding tank that recirculates the water back onto the pad wasn't deep enough in the ground. Soil from beneath the tank needed to be dug out so it could be lowered enough that the water wouldn't backflow.

Once that was corrected, there was still hope that the splash pad would be up and running for the Beach Bash and 4th of July, but Wietzema says they have run into a glitch that stops the splash pad from going into an automatic mode.

The various activities on the splash pad have motion sensors that make a particular toy spray water, but attempts to put the pad into that auto mode cause a flow system alarm to kick in.

Wietzema said he has spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the company that manufactured the system, but getting a technician on site is a bit of a challenge, especially during a holiday week, as the company is based in South Carolina.

Still, Wietzema said, they will continue to work on diagnosing the problem, and hope that everyone will be patient. Weather issues have caused construction woes for pretty much any project underway in the area, but crews are valiantly trying to make progress whenever there is a window of opportunity.

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