Sanford Worthington takes precautions, clinic separates ill/well patients

WORTHINGTON - On Monday, Sanford Worthington put into effect restrictions on visitors to protect patients and employees from influenza. As of today, the Sanford Clinic on Diagonal Road will also implement separate well and ill waiting rooms.

According to Director of Nursing Gwen Post, the severity of people testing positive for influenza is lower this year, with a lower number of admissions than in past years, but the restrictions will help keep those more at risk - newborn babies and the elderly - safe from the spread of illness.

"We felt like we were seeing a little bit of a jump in illness last week through acute care, pediatrics and our own hospital," Post said. "We just want to take precautions."

The restrictions at the hospital state only immediate family members will be allowed to visit patients. Those with any kind of symptoms are asked to stay home.

Post says a fever is a good indication of a virus, and reminds people that viruses are spread through droplets, such as the case when there is a lot of coughing involved.

Sanford Worthington is still offering influenza vaccines to the public in all of their primary care and walk-in clinics.

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