Please stay off the gravel

WORTHINGTON - A number of townships across southwest Minnesota are asking people to avoid the gravel roads whenever possible, and some have even closed the roads except for emergency vehicles and residents. According to Nobles County Public Works Director Stephen Schnieder, it will likely take a week or more for the gravel roads to dry out enough for more use.

"Once we get the melting out of the way and the water levels go down, things will hopefully start to dry out," he said Friday morning. "It's hard to predict how long that will be."

Schnieder said after things dry up and we get a day or two of warm weather, public works and townships will be able to get out and blade. He also wanted to send out a reminder that spring load restrictions are in place as of midnight last night.

This isn't all about Nobles County, either, he stated. All of the surrounding counties are in the same boat, so to speak, when it comes to the problems water has caused as the abundant snow melts.

For those who have to use the gravel roads, Schnieder recommends staying on a paved road as long as possible, using the shortest possible route on the softer surfaces, or traveling earlier in the morning when the temperatures have hardened the roads overnight.

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