Nobles County Commissioners to make interim County Attorney offer

WORTHINGTON - During a special meeting Monday morning, the Nobles County Commissioners voted unanimously to offer the position of interim Nobles County Attorney to Joseph Sanow, who is the current Assistant County Attorney in Redwood County.

The position will be offered at a salary of $91,728, which was the amount listed in the job posting. The first offer for the position was made to Adam Johnson, who is currently the Assistant Nobles County Attorney. Johnson declined the offer, which was what prompted the special meeting.

According to County Administrator Tom Johnson, Adam Johnson told HR Director Sue Luing he was expecting the $110,000 he listed on his application, but may have accepted $100,000.

Current Nobles County Attorney Kathy Kusz, who is retiring the end of September, told the commissioners if they hired Sanow, they would be hiring someone with less experience than the people he would be supervising.

The commissioners all stated they posted the job at a certain rate, which all of the applicants were aware of when the applied for the position.

Commissioner Bob Demuth said he was disappointed, because time and resources had been spent with Adam Johnson, knowing he would not accept the offered salary.

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