Murray County Sheriff asked for immediate resignation by Board of Commissioners

SLAYTON - The Murray County Commissioners on Tuesday asked for the immediate resignation of the Murray County Sheriff Steve Telkamp based on an investigation into workplace harassment and a hostile work environment, according to information released by the county.

As an elected official, the board cannot terminate Telkamp's employment - only ask for his resignation.

Murray County retained investigator Michelle Soldo to conduct an independent investigation into Telkamp's conduct after video footage of alleged disturbing behavior was brought forward by a concerned employee.  As the independent investigator noted in her report, the conduct in the video footage “does not depict an isolated incident but reflects a continuing pattern of aggressive, defiant, disrespectful, abusive, and threatening behavior that adversely impacts the work environment.”

Based on the report, the board felt that it needed to take this action today.   A news release states a Personnel Committee will be implementing and employing operational measures to protect employees against retaliation.  The Sheriff’s position is the only position that will changes associated as a result of this investigation, the release states. All other positions remain unchanged. 

The 69-page report states Telkamp never responded to attempts by the investigator to schedule an interview.

The finding listed in the report include that on video, Telkamp made disparaging, contemptuous and threatening remarks about county commissioners and verbally berated and threatened the job of a female dispatcher related to one of the commissioners.

The report states video of Telkamp shows him making disparaging remarks and threatening to use his position in law enforcement for retaliation. In the video, Telkamp also makes threatening and disparaging remarks against the county coordinator,

He also talks about people who are on his side who plan to run for county commissioner, stating if one of the witnesses in the video also runs, he will have three commissioner votes to get the coordinator fired.

As an elected official, the board cannot terminate Telkamp's employment - only ask for his resignation, or ask the people to recall his election. Telkamp's latest term is up this year, so retain his position, he will have to run for re-election in November.

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Jamie Danneman 15-May-2018 05:14 PM |
Yep, I believe it!!back in 2013 i went in to talk to steve in regards to a deputy and asked poilitly to see steve and he came flying out of back room and was a inch from my face, thought at that moment he was gonna beat me down, i also talked to commissioners at that time!! Figured it would happen again! Just glad people are gonna finally stand up to him, all people deserve to be treated with respect!
Julie Swenson 15-May-2018 09:27 PM |
You were very good on posting the Murrany County commissioners point of view...Lets see how fast you can post the other side of the story. Steve Telkamp is the best thing that has happened to this county.
Mandy 15-May-2018 10:05 PM |
Thanks for the update. Next time focus less on using a thesaurus and more on your grammar though. :)
Jane Deere 16-May-2018 08:25 AM |
You really need to investigate Telkamp further. He has threatened his employees, county staff, local police including Slayton and Fulda, and citizens. He is not put on the stand in trials because he has been proven to lie. He needs to be removed immediately! The worst part is he is the Sheriff with a gun and a badge and has a proven record of retaliation, so people are scared to come forward.
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